With events held across a variety of locations and covering a wide range of topics, our programs reach participants from a spectrum of disciplines, ages, backgrounds, and identities.

Through our volunteer opportunities, we also create a platform for self-driven high school and college students to grow as teachers, creators, and future professionals by designing and leading in-depth, hands-on workshops, and to connect with channels for personal and professional exposure, growth, and development. These students learn to crystallize their own knowledge through teaching, and transition from being passive consumers of knowledge to being active contributors to global conversations.

Here's what our participants have to say:

From student participants:

"I loved all of the content from start to finish. [...] From this [marketing and fundraising] workshop, I would definitely consider attending a similar event in the future, and the workshop was so much more comprehensive than I could ever expect!"
"Something I liked about this event is that it covered a wide variety of things within my topic, graphic design. I enjoyed how much was possible to learn. [...] This workshop was not really what I expected, but it was everything I hoped. I really liked the topics covered, and the people there were really nice :D. Thank you for the very interesting and enlightening experience!"
"IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! And thank you guys for putting this workshop on.. it really opened my eyes as to how machine learning kinda works, I always thought it was this huge and complicated thing (I mean it still is super complicated) but it was broken down really well for people like me who aren't so knowledgeable with coding, and I really felt like I got a lot out of it :))"