Our Team

Every summer, we invite a varied team of amazing, self-driven high school and college student volunteers that have demonstrated exceptional passion and emerging talent for their fields to join us.

The team then works together to design and present our workshops for the summer and fall, developing curriculum and resources to share their interests with and showcase their knowledge to their peers and the wider community.

We are extremely grateful for our team - their enthusiasm is at the heart of our programs!

If you can, please help our talented student volunteers foster professional relationships and get a head start on their future careers by providing internship and scholarship opportunities! Contact us to discuss more.

2020 Team Members

Adena Park
Alina Kim
Anna Shaposhnik
Annalee Soohoo
Benjamin Antupit
Brianna Cheng
Emma Blenkinsop
Eugene Min
Hrushi Athreya
Lynn Dang
Maya Chin
Mihai Tudor
Nichole Wong
Sam Pickholtz
Shelby Cherkas
Sidhant Rajadnya
Tan Nguyen
Thenu Senthil
Victoria Liao

2020 Team Advisors

Aidan Ferrer
Tamara Kawa