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Jan-Mar 2021

Tesseract Days

Complex Pugh Matrices
Part of: Filtering & Evaluation
Jan 24, 2021
1p-2p (PST)
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Product Branding & Storytelling
Part of: Business Analysis
Jan 31, 2021
1p-2p (PST)
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Troubleshooting & Refining
Part of: Prototype & Development
Feb 27, 2021
Times Vary (PST)
Sessions Canceled

This course guides participants through the process of designing and developing a product that addresses actual needs, covering ideation, market research, prototyping, testing, pitching, and other such strategies.

We are excited to be working with the California branch of FIRST, a global robotics community preparing young people for the future, to put together this three-month-long virtual interdisciplinary program for groups of middle and high schoolers alongside several local corporations and universities. A new topic/stage of the product development and design process will be introduced each week through February, with other activities planned in March.

We are running this in support of the new Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm that FIRST rolled out as an option for remote participation in lieu of the in-person robotics competitions they usually hold each year; however, much of the content is also general enough to be useful for students who are not planning to participate in the Challenge as well. The program will be offering guidance to help groups start on the road to obtaining patents if that’s something they are interested in to advance their projects further; those participating as part of FIRST teams will additionally have the option of working towards advancing to the FIRST Global Innovation Awards, a showcase of student work.

In addition to supporting the overall planning and direction of the program, we are leading presentations on filtering & evaluation and business analysis, as well as running "Tesseract Days" - supplemental sessions that will complement the main content of each week and offer participants the chance to learn more about selected topics with a hands-on approach:

- 1/24 - Complex Pugh Matrices: Learn more about using bigger Pugh Matrices to help with your idea filtering process.
- 1/31 - Product Branding & Storytelling: Learn about logo design and branding for your product and how to align it with your ideal customer; how to write a short summary of your project and its purpose; and also some tips on telling the story of your product.
- 2/27 - Troubleshooting & Refining: A set of sessions geared towards helping you troubleshoot and refine the technical aspects of your projects, with one session each focused on CAD troubleshooting, code debugging, and electronics support.