Summer 2021 Workshops

Our event lineup for this summer is still under development; further details will be released later this year. In the meantime, check out our sessions from last year below to get a sense of our offerings, or check out the ongoing product development and design thinking program presented by FIRST California that we are contributing to!

Summer 2020 Workshops

Registration for each workshop closes 48 hours ahead of the time it will be held at (except electronics, which requires earlier registration so we can get physical supplies to you; and physics for robotics, which will close at midnight the day before).

Missed the workshop you wanted? Don't worry! Join our mailing list or follow us on social media @tesseractinitiative to hear about our future events!

Depth Sensing

Learn about what depth sensors are and how they work, and experiment with interactive, depth-enabled applications.


Learn about principles of electricity and light, and put them to use by crafting art projects with circuits and LEDs.

Game Design

Learn about designing stories and mechanics for games, and get started making a video game of your own.

Kinetic Media

Learn how to edit videos, design graphics, or create 3D animation, and then combine them into a short film or media piece.

Marketing and Fundraising

Learn how to effectively fundraise, publicize, and recruit members for your organization and keep it sustainable.

Mechanical Design

Learn about machine design and how to work with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tools.

Physics for Robotics

Learn about applications of physics in the context of working with robots.


Learn about the processes and considerations of product design, manufacturing, and marketing.

Past Workshops

Check out some of the other workshops we've run in the past!
We're not currently offering these, but may bring them back at some point in the future.

Beginner Robotics

Take your first steps towards robotics projects by learning about programming, electronics, or mechanical design.

Computer Vision and AI

Get started with computer vision and object recognition.

Machine Learning

Get started with machine learning tools and concepts.

Logo Design

Get started with logo design and learn how effective logos help your brand grow.

Making Art with Code

Learn to create dynamic, interactive graphics and audio projects with code - no art/media background needed.

Smart Media

Explore the intersections of user experience (UX) design and deep learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your workshops recorded?

Due to our emphasis on hands-on, live collaboration, we do not generally record our workshops.

What prior experience do I need?

We offer workshops for a range of experience levels, so whether you're just getting started with a topic or looking to build on your existing knowledge, we have something for you! Check each workshop's page for specific details.