May 12, 2018
1p-5p (PDT)
PCH (Lime Lab)
$20 per attendee
Event Passed

Get started with one of three topics within robotics - programming, electronics, or mechanical design in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) - and learn how to start your own robotics projects.

Attendees will form groups, and each group will decide on a robotics project and who will take on which (of the three mentioned) topic for the project. Group members will then break out to learn about their topics from mentors within that knowledge area. Towards the end of the workshop, groups will come together again to share what they learned, discuss integration, and plan the future of their project.

The software we will be using is OnShape for CAD and the Arduino IDE for programming, both free to use. The electronics portion will include an Arduino and various electronics components, all provided.

This session is intended for anyone new to robotics - all ages are welcome!

This workshop was presented as part of the Robotics Module Challenge of the 2018 Hackaday Prize. You can visit the original event page here.