Aug 22, 2020
1p-2:30p (PDT)
Online on Zoom
$10 recommended donation
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Learn about what depth sensors are and how they work, and experiment with using one for interactive, depth-enabled applications.

Have you ever taken a photo on your smartphone with that fancy "blurred background" effect you see in professional photos? Or played a video game that seems to "know" how far you are from the screen? Then you might have already used a depth sensor without knowing it! Come learn about what a depth sensor does, how it works, different types of depth sensing techniques, and more. Then, you'll get to explore different applications of depth sensing by writing some of your own code and testing it using an Intel® RealSense™!.

You'll need some basic experience with Python 3 (or a similar language) for this workshop; specifically, you should be familiar with its syntax, how to define variables, and how to write loops and functions. You do not need to know anything about depth sensing beforehand, though!