Aug 1-2, 2020
12p-7p (Day 1), 12p-5p (Day 2) (PDT)
2-day session, online on Zoom
$10 recommended donation
Event Passed
5 de septiembre de 2020 (Solo Diseño Gráfico)
2p-5p (PDT) / 16:00-19:00 (CDT)
Ofrecido en Español, en línea en Zoom
10 dólares de donación recomendada

Learn how to develop and edit high-quality videos, design compelling graphics, or create 3D models and animation.

You'll start by diving into videography. We'll take you through the process of producing a video or film, from writing and storyboarding to filming and editing, and also talk about how to use composition, focus, and exposure effectively when shooting footage. Next, you'll switch into one of two tracks of your choice - graphic design or 3D animation - and spend some time getting familiar with concepts and tools within your track through hands-on practice and small projects. The graphic design track will introduce you to principles of graphic design, typography, color theory, and branding, as well as working with both raster and vector graphics; while the 3D animation track will get you started with modeling, lighting, animating, and rendering objects and scenes in 3D.

Then, you’ll team up with peers and learn how to mix & integrate 3D animation, graphic design, and live action video as you collaborate to make a short, one-to-three-minute film or media piece of your own.

No prior experience is needed - just come with creative ideas!

This year, we'll also be offering the Graphic Design section of this workshop separately in Spanish! Depending on how that goes, we may consider offering the full workshop in other languages in the future.