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A short video game about keeping in touch through papercraft while physically isolated.

Developed by several of our media team members, this game was our submission to the olc::BeatTheBoredom game jam, for which the theme was "Outdoors". The entirety of the game was developed by Tesseract members, including the art, programming, game design, and sound.

This short sidescrolling runner takes place in a world where people have been forced to isolate themselves from each other physically. Two people remain determined to stay close - by sending letters to each other in the form of papercraft. Guide these vessels of mutual longing through a variety of terrain, and help the pair stay in touch by safely delivering these notes from far away.

Note that this version of the game, submitted for the game jam, is a prototype, and as such contains some unfinished ideas. We hope to further flesh out the game in the future, as time allows.