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Arm Inc.
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FRC Team 5924
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Additional Assistance and Guidance
Allen Saakyan
Ceal Craig
Elise Wong
SD Hacks
Team 1678 Alum
Jeff Spragg
Mentor for Various FRC Teams
Liz Simonovich
Team 1868 Alum
Michael Schaffer
Team 3501 Mentor
Michael Waite
Global Manager
Theresa Bateman
Regional Director
Victoria Dean
Team 1700 Alum & Mentor
Interested in Supporting Us?
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Event Hosting / Facilities We're always looking to partner with companies, community spaces, and colleges to help host our events and provide an interesting environment for students. If you can help provide or connect us with a sponsored space, please contact us!
Equipment / Hardware We're hoping to build up our own collection of hardware that can be used across all of our future events - for example, Jetson dev boards or similar hardware for deploying neural network applications for the AI workshops; DSLRs, green screens, VR helmets, or other media production and exploration hardware for the kinetic media workshops; or 3D mice or 3D printers for the mechanical design workshops. If you can contribute, or help sponsor the purchase of, an item that would be relevant to one of our workshops, please contact us!
Mentoring We'd love to connect with more mentors working in industry and higher education, who are doing interesting things within the STEAM fields that our topics cover and would be willing to contribute their perspective and experience towards helping our students review and develop their curriculum further - you might even help the students learn new things themselves while they're at it! If that sounds like something you'd want to help with, please get in touch!
Project Sponsorship Tesseract Initiative is and will remain committed to creating accessible, not-for-profit events and resources supported by passionate volunteers; however, developing new curriculum, expanding to new areas, traveling to all our events, and creating more resources for the community each year are all still things that cost a considerable amount of our own time, effort, and money - especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

By sponsoring work on, or travel for, the project, you would empower us to devote more time and commitment to growing the scope, reach, and quality of all our endeavors. So if you share our goals and want to help us advance them by sponsoring travel and/or paid work for our core team, please reach out to us here.