What topic are you interested in?
Artificial Intelligence
Bay Area Session 1: Jul 21
Bay Area Session 2: Aug 4
Bay Area Session 1: Jun 30
Bay Area Session 2: Aug 18
Sacramento Session: Sep 15
Kinetic Media
Bay Area Session 1: Jun 23
Bay Area Session 2: Aug 11
Mechanical Design
Bay Area Session 1: Jul 21
Bay Area Session 2: Aug 26

Note: Sessions 1 and 2, when offered, are independent of each other; they're offered twice just so more participants have chances to attend, so you only need to register for one.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need prior experience to attend? This differs between topics - check each topic's page for specific details!
I can’t attend! Are the sessions recorded? No, unfortunately. We believe there are already many excellent resources online, so our events focus much more on emphasizing hands-on activities and in-person collaboration, making recordings impractical. There are also logistics and legal challenges involved (since much of our audience tends to be minors) which we don't have the resources to address at this time.

If you're a member of an FRC team looking for remote resources: The Compass Alliance, Chief Delphi, The Blue Alliance's Blog, and Behind the Lines all provide a variety of general resources for topics of interest to teams. For a more team-specific perspective, you can try looking through the media from Team 971's Spartan Series, Team 1114's resources, and Team 1678's Fall Workshops.

If you're looking for general STEAM remote learning resources, there's Udacity, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, TED-Ed, and many other online education sites like them.

Note that these links are provided solely as a resource. Tesseract Initiative does not directly endorse, nor receive compensation or other benefits from the referral of any of these resources.
Why do you charge an event fee / ask for contributions? What does it go towards? We are committed to keeping our events and resources not-for-profit; however, there are still costs we need to cover and additional resources we'd like to provide that we need funding for. By design, we run our team independently of any existing FRC teams so that no one team has to be financially responsible for our activities, but this also means we're actively working on building up and maintaining our own budget.

As such: the event fee goes first towards covering lunch and snacks (for you, the planning team, and additional volunteers).
After food is covered, the remainder of the event fees, as well as any additional contributions, go towards the following:
  • Supplies (badge holders, name stickers, stationery, etc.)
  • Website hosting and domain renewal costs (we are currently on shared hosting but would love to upgrade to a VPS!)
  • Small thank-you gifts for our facility sponsors and key volunteers
In the future, as we save up money, we hope to also put some towards:
  • Workshop equipment and hardware for attendee use (i.e. Jetsons or other computing boards for the AI workshop, DSLRs for the media workshop, etc.)
  • Partial or full travel reimbursement/coverage for presenters
  • An annual scholarship fund for particularly standout student presenters
If you're willing to help sponsor any of these items, please contact us here!

We strive to be as transparent as possible about the use of your contributions.
If you’d like a more detailed breakdown, please contact us.

Please note that contributions are not tax-deductible at this time.
Are any contributions I make tax-deductible? Is Tesseract Initiative a registered nonprofit? Unfortunately, no, not at this time - we currently exist only as a California-based de facto unincorporated nonprofit association. We are, however, working towards formalizing our structure in the near future - contact us if you can help!
Who are the instructors? Each workshop is presented primarily by a group of experienced mentors, students, and alumni from several FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) teams across California, sometimes alongside additional mentors and guest speakers from the wider STEAM community. Meet our core team on our about page here!
Is this your first time running these events? What events have you done before? 2018 is the first year we’ve formally organized, but individually (partly by design and partly by accident), many of us involved have been collaborating at least twice each year since 2012 on the events that led into the formation of our current lineup.

Specifically, the Tesseract Initiative traces its lineage through the following events:
Where do you tend to run events? We’re launching our events in two regions for year one (the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento, with an additional event in the San Diego area as a collaboration) based on where our current team members are located, but we hope to expand to other areas (or even other states) eventually!
Why not run a session on [some other topic]? We put a lot of thought into designing our event lineup each year, based on what our team is interested in presenting; what we feel like are undersupported areas among FRC teams; whether session ideas line up with our core themes; whether we have enough instructors to support creating and running high quality, in-depth, hands-on workshops for a given topic; among other factors. Adding a new session is something that takes a lot of consideration, time, and effort for us, so as a small organization, we're more interested in focusing on running a small, distinct set of sessions based around a carefully curated selection of topics at this time. That said, if there's a session you'd like to see, let us know and we'll keep it in mind for future event lineups!

If you are a California team looking to attend workshops with a wider selection of topics, we suggest attending Team 971's Spartan Series, Team 1678's Fall Workshops, Team 2102's Marketing Conferences, Beach Blitz's Workshops, WRRF's STEAM Series, or SCRRF's Workshops, depending on where you're located.

Note that these links to other events are provided solely as a resource out of our FIRST-inspired commitment to gracious professionalism. Tesseract Initiative does not directly endorse, nor receive compensation or other benefits from the referral of any of these resources.