kinetic media
This workshop is intended for anyone interested in learning how to create short 3D animations, shoot and edit videos, or design effective graphics or documents.

Choose from one of three tracks – 3D modeling & animation (using Autodesk Maya), video production (using your own camera and DaVinci Resolve), or graphic design (using GIMP/Inkscape or Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) – in which we’ll help you get familiar with tools and principles through hands-on practice and starting your own projects.

Then, later in the day, you’ll team up with participants from different tracks and learn how to integrate animation, graphics, and videography as you collaborate to create an original short media production with live video and motion graphics, based off ideas you develop. You’ll be able to save the result as a video and take it home.

No prior experience is needed!

These sessions are developed and presented by students, alumni, and mentors of FRC teams 8, 299, 846, 1351, 2643, 3501, and 4159.

Bay Area Session 1
June 23rd, 8:30AM-4:30PM
Host: Team 2643, Dark Matter
at Santa Teresa High School
San Jose
With Guest Speakers: STYLY
Bay Area Session 2
August 11th, 8:30AM-4:30PM
Host: Team 846, Funky Monkeys
at Lynbrook High School
San Jose

Please note: Sessions 1 and 2, when offered, are independent of each other; they're offered twice just so more participants have chances to attend, so you only need to register for one.